Five Short Dietary Rules

  1. Minimize consumption of saturated fat 
  2. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains
  3. Go easy on sugars and salt
  4. Try to hold alcohol consumption to one drink a day
  5. Eat a variety of foods daily
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Weight Management Made Easy

Maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for most people to achieve with dieting alone. In additional to healthy eating, weight management requires regular exercise. Start slowly, possibly one 10 minutes of walking a day, but keep at it and you’ll start going further. If you need to lose weight immediately, be realistic, and set an objective of losing just “one pound per week”. Over time, this will get the job done and the weight is more likely to stay off than if you go on a crash diet. Just keep in mind that 90% of successful dieters exercise.
Another simple approach to weight loss is don’t eat anything white – no white bread, no potatoes, no white rice, nothing white – works for most people.
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