In-Home Personal Training

trainingpicNoImageWe can send a personal trainer anywhere in the Washington, DC, metro area. Our trainers are all experienced, university educated professionals. We specialize in working people over the age of 40. Our programs are highly personalized and we provide a level of support ideal for clients who are new to exercise or who have not been recently active.

We work intensively with you to design the program best suited to your needs and objectives. We’ll then make sure you are performing the exercises safely and effectively. Exercisers with medical conditions get a program coordinated with their doctor or physical therapist.

Our trainers are great workout partners. They know all the best exercises and latest techniques, show up on time, and never miss a workout. We’ll work around your schedule so we come when it’s convenient for you. A personal trainer is not a luxury, it’s a great investment in your health and well being, and an absolute necessity for new exercisers. If you’re an experienced exerciser, let us show you our bag of tricks for getting you to that next level.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment. We’ll bring adjustable dumbbells, stability balls, stretch cords, and so forth – everything needed to give you a good workout. If you have some equipment of your own, we’ll use that too.

The first session is always free of charge or any obligation. We’ll come to your home, spend an hour or so with you, review your health and fitness background, discuss your objectives, and then lay out an overall plan to get you where you want to go. Give us a call on 703-904-0053 or email us at “Contact” above.


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