“Personal training is the best gift I ever gave myself. Goodbye stress, hello energy.”inhome4

Bryn P. – Fairfax County Dept. of Education

“Thank you for establishing a comprehensive fitness program that dramatically improved my cardiovascular health, tone and overall energy level. I appreciate your listening skills and eagerness to create a routine that met my needs, at my skill level.”
Chitra R. – Journalist

“I consider my progress a real measure of what a physical trainer can accomplish with older women.  I am 71, never very athletic, and with two knee replacements.  Although the knee surgery enabled me to get around with pain, I was still awkward and slow and tired easily even on short walks.  Now an hour twice a week with a sympathetic trainer has me walking a mile without tiring, walking easily on the treadmill for a half hour at a steepish incline, and doing squats from a low position that I would have thought impossible a few months ago.  Because of my walking problems I had assumed I would never go back to Italy, but now my husband and I look ahead to re-visiting beautiful Venice next year for our 50th wedding anniversary.”
Carolyn M. – Retired

“Personal Training Associates has renewed my interest in working out and at the same time greatly increased my knowledge of how to go about it.”
Darshan K. –  CPA

“I am pleased to give my highest recommendation to Bill McKnight as a personal trainer.  Bill first carefully assessed my abilities then we worked out a set of challenging yet realistic goals.  made the sessions with him most helpful and physically restoring.  My work schedule is usually very long so I needed a program that I would be able to continue on my own.  I had been doing some exercise, primarily cardiac related, but did not have a program for strengthening major muscle groups.  Through Bill’s fine work, I expect to age more gracefully and to find both my personal life and profession more worthwhile.”
Herman S. – University President

“I really feel good. I look forward to my workouts. My shape is changing and I hope to do this forever.”
Pat D. – Occupational Health Nurse

“Last year I read an article quoting Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the inventor of aerobics, who said that he now believes strength training is as important as aerobics. I decided to take his advice but wanted professional instruction since I didn’t want to worsen my rotator cuff,  lower back and knee problems. Personal Training Associates designed a program for my special needs. After working with them for nine months my problem areas are greatly improved and I am lifting more than twice as much weight, with a resulting increase in overall strength and sense of well being.”
Jack M., – Retired

“Suzann has been our trainer since December 2005. She has helped us implement rehab programs from the physical therapists for 3 rotator cuffs, a scoped knee and Achilles tendon repair surgeries. She understands that we are mature individuals, 64 and 62, who never worked out before we started with her.  Her focus is always positive. She celebrates our successes and improvements and helps us move past things we cannot do. She often reminds us that we are members of a minority of folks our age who decided to start exercising after we turned 50. She always leaves us tired and smiling. Mike made a great match when he sent Suzann to us. As we keep up with our young grand kids we are constantly thankful that she is part of life.”
Bonnie P. – Professor

“It’s great for Tsipi to come to me. It’s the only way I’d workout and it makes me feel great.”
Roz S. – Retired

“I did just want to take a moment to tell you what a phenomenal experience it has been to train with PTA. I can’t even put into words how positive it has been for me. I am someone who, up until a year ago, had never been able to continue with a regular exercise program beyond 2 months. I am now regularly committed to the gym and I know it is a great testament to the work you have done with me.”
Randi C. – Administrator

“I’m so grateful for your dedication to my weight loss goals.
I feel like a new woman after loosing over 34 pounds and two dress sizes.  When I started this journey with you I was determined and the more I worked the more I wanted to succeed.  You have a way of not letting me stop.  At 53 I feel good all the time. I have lots of energy and I never get that afternoon slump like I use to. Thanks again Bill for giving me my life back. My husband loves the new me too.”
Bobbie M.

“I’ve been working with Personal Training Associates for over two years and I still
look forward to my sessions. They keep the workouts fresh and fun – and push me to
fitness levels I would not achieve on my own. As a result, I have more energy, control my weight more effectively, and look and feel better. I recommend them highly.”
Lynn A. – Computer Systems Administrator

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